ICAS to pharmacies

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” Emerson, Ralph Waldo

The drawer units which have revolutionised the concept of “container” in the pharmacy could born only in a truly unique region - the province of Cremona, universally known for producing the best violins in the world.

Since 1960 - when ICAS started to develop their drawer units for use in pharmacies -elegance of design, quality of materials and functionality have become the 3 dynamic axes which have allowed ICAS to successfully transform its drawers from the anonymous container into an active component in all types of surroundings.

As with Stradivari’s violins, ICAS drawer units may be completely personalised, representative of the company philosophy “ to create is an art, to set a trend is an art, the ability to realise an object with an universal design is the expression of all arts.” (U. Cabini)

And that is not all. The solidity, security and reliability of ICAS products, (themselves totally ergonomic and environmentally friendly) born from the demands of our customers. Our customers have always been our best allies in our search for increasingly innovative solutions. At ICAS we know that in order to be great first one has to be able to listen.

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